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17 Oct 2014 19:00

The Term (Srok)

Recent history repeats itself as both tragedy and farce in this fly-on-the-Kremlin-wall documentary about the rising opposition movement against Vladimir Putin’s rule in Russia. Compiled from a series of documentary news bulletins that originally aired online, most of the footage here concentrates on the huge protest marches on the streets of Moscow triggered by Putin’s highly contentious presidential re-election in 2012. The Term is not just a straight exercise in reportage: there is backstage human drama here, plus bittersweet comedy and even romance.

Pavel Kostomarov, Alexey Pivovarov, Alexander Rastorguev, RU 2014,
83 min, Engl. subtitles

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with directors Alexey Pivovarov and Alexander Rastorguev via Skype.

Admission: 10 GBP


Part of Made in Prague Festival, 17 October - 30 November 2014

Part of Moments After – a three-week series of documentary screenings and debates reflecting topics of resistance, revolution and transformation, organised by The Czech Centre in cooperation with the Frontline Club.


Frontline Club, 13 Norfolk Pl., London W2 1QJ


17 Oct 2014 19:00


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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