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22 Mar 2010

The Valley of the Bees – DVD release

From the director of Marketa Lazarová, The Valley of the Bees is a visionary and haunting medieval epic set in 13th century Europe. This raw and powerful moral fable of corruption and fundamentalism chronicles the tale of a young boy made to join the Brotherhood of the Teutonic Knights. As a man he abandons the Order and returns to his homeland, only to find himself persued by a fanatical former comrade - and the terrible price he must pay for the perceived rejection of his Holy Orders.


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The Valley of the Bees (Údolí včel)
A film by František Vláčil

Czechoslovakia, 1967 


Release date: 22 March 2010


“Vlácil was, with just a handful of films to prove it, the Czech New Wave's formalist, post-expressionist wrecking ball, their Welles, their Paradjanov” 
Michael Atkinson, Village Voice
Although different in style and tone, whilst sharing its resplendent black-and-white cinematography and a highly convincing recreation of the medieval era, Vláčil's The Valley of the Bees is just as complex a film as his more famous Marketa Lazarová. 


WINNER: Grand Prix Prize, Karlovy Vary Film Festival 1978


“A forgotten classic of the Czech New Wave”  
Village Voice


“Combines the epic grandeur of Kurosawa with the compositional rigour of Eisenstein”        
Pacific Cinematheque


BARCODE: 5060114150348

RRP: £12.99    BBFC cert: 15

Feature:  97 minutes      

Language: Czech

Subtitles: English     




Second Run DVD


22 Mar 2010


Second Run DVD

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