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1 Sep 2007 00:00 - 9 Sep 2007 00:00

They Do Things Differently There

Czech artists Petr Strouhal, Hana Valentova and Renata Kudlacek appear in this international exhibition of contemporary time-based art, which includes moving image, sound, installation and performance by eleven artists from around the world.


Petr Strouhal

‘14bx’  Video Animation


The film was made in winter 2005. It represents a memory search, found in a place where fate is defined through forms and shapes. Here is where it all started. The search for symbolic culture forms and shapes that fills me till today with fascination.

 It is my birthplace, in the middle of the industrial city of Prostejov ( Maehren/ Czech Republic) Here is where I grow up between grey buildings and here is where I still feel horror and classic beauty at once.




Hana Valentova 

‘Ecstasy of home Life’, Film on DVD, 2005


The pictures Ecstasy of home life have their origin in the Australian instructional film from the 60’s describing the life of loggers living in the small village just in the middle of the bush. 

The way how the film is made inspired me to create a changed composition disrupting the originally made picture of an ordinary life of loggers and their families.

New relations among pictures are changing the former conventional conception of the rustic and idyllic life, opening the space for individual intensive moments of living the reality and changing their history and identity.




Renata Kudlacek

Astrid / Video Installation of 5 LCD screens


While ‘Astrid’ was posing for a photograph a video camera was installed which acted like a mirror. In the images proposed a woman’s face appears out of the darkness, almost only her eyes are visible to us. They gaze at us they stare at us and they look through us. Astrid is present. Astrid is here but at the same time she is away and lonely in her own world.


The idea of social vision is represented by the term “ the gaze “ The gaze keeps open a space for questions, which the idea of perception closes down.


Subjective perception and emotion are defined and contrasted by a collective atmosphere of a society.

We are being held by what we see, who is seeing it, or whether or not you see everything there is to see. However, what we see or think we see is not always how things are. We are governed by our own subjectivity and in turn project it on others.

Our vision is constructed by fantasy and desire whilst also being blinded by it.




Info: 020 7388 1461, www.stpancraschurch.org

Opening hours: 12-7pm


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From: 1 Sep 2007 00:00
To: 9 Sep 2007 00:00


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