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24 Sep 2015 - 27 Sep 2015

Czech Design at London Design Festival: TON - Split and Bloom collection at Design Junction

The TON Company presents two series of products by Arik Levy at this year's London Design Festival. The Split and Bloom collections can be seen at Design Junction at the College building from 24th – 27th, September. The inspiration for the designer of the Split family was the wood-bending technology.

“To take the past and bring it to the future was my initial idea,” Arik Levy described. “All the products from this family were born from just one idea, the idea of bending – not in the way it is usually used, but to give it a new shape. In this case, the wood is divided into two parts and each part is bent in a different direction,” added Levy.

This craft, with its more than 150-year old tradition, enabled a product that had never been made so far to be created. “It is the first time that bent splits of massive wood are a design and integral functional element of seating furniture,” Jan Juza, TON’s Marketing Director said. The whole collection consists of a chair, a barstool, an armchair and a lounge armchair.

The collection is offered in ash-wood, which can be sprayed with coloured gradients. “The uniqueness of the chair is even more highlighted by this demanding technique. Every piece is an original – as is our traditional wood-bending technology,” explained Juza.

The Bloom collection plays with wood-bending technology too – as represented by this ramified pedestal. This time, particular parts do not come from one piece, but are bent individually. “Their connection reminds one of a split piece of wood trunk – or a flower in blossom,” Juza went on to say. Apart from the dining-table, this idea can be found in the series of five small tables with a central pedestal, and heights ranging from 30 – 105 centimetres. “They can be used in living-rooms, bars, cafés or restaurants,” Juza added. The table-plate is offered in round or square shapes.


Insert steam-soaked wood into a mould, put a metal flange on it, dry it, and complete it. Bent furniture has been produced using the same technological procedures in Bystřice pod Hostýnem since 1861, when their manufacture was started by Michael Thonet. Furniture has been made under the TON brand-name since 1953, after many changes in property rights. TON is an independent and genuinely Czech company.

A function of the TON Company is to link unique technology and careful manual work with ideas from Czech or foreign designers. We want to continue in developing this traditional craft so that it is not only a relation to Model No. 14, but can also address new generations.

We distribute our products to more than 60 countries around the world. We can arrange contracts involving a single chair or those for hundreds of pieces for hotels, restaurants, cafés, dining halls, churches or retired people´s homes. We have received several prestigious awards – like the Good Design, the Red Dot Design Award, the Interior Innovation Award, the German Design Award, the Furniture of the Year and the Czech Grand Design awards.



Czech Design at London Design Festival




The College, Stand L3/3, 12-42 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4AP


From: 24 Sep 2015
To: 27 Sep 2015



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