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4 Aug 2019 15:30

Tonka of the Gallows + live musical accompaniment

" A rarely seen gem from the archives of the Czech Republic, Tonka of the Gallows fuses German chiaroscuro aesthetics with the Soviet flare for surprising angles for this affective parable of the cruelty that comes from small-mindedness.

At the center of an international cast is the Slovenian ingénue with the haunting eyes, Ita Rina, who seems to channel Garbo’s Anna Christie in her portrayal of a prostitute whose selfless act of spending the night with a condemned man makes her a pariah throughout all Prague.

Made as sound was taking over the industry, Tonka of the Gallows is a tour-de-force of silent-era filmmaking from Czechoslovakian director Karel Anton, who here has made his best work, always tempering style to serve the larger story." - San Francisco Silent Film Festival.

Director: Karel Anton, Cast: Ita Rina, 83 minutes, Czechoslovakia (1930), subtitled

With musical accompaniment by multi-instrumentalist Stephen Horne.

In collaboration with Narodni Filmovy Archiv, Prague.




Phoenix Cinema, 52 High Rd, East Finchley, London N2 9PJ


4 Aug 2019 15:30


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