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23 Mar 2015

Traps (Pasti, pasti, pastičky) - DVD release

From the late, great Czech filmmaker Věra Chytilová, renowned director of Daisies and Fruit of Paradise, comes a controversial and disturbing satire of violence, violation and veterinary practice. Traps is a daring black comedy about a vet, Lenka, after being raped by two men, uses her particular expertise to exact her revenge…

Chytilová was a filmmaker with a deserved reputation as provocateur and philosopher and TRAPS is an enquiry by both 'victim' and filmmaker on the social structures and attitudes which condone such a violation. Tragic and comic, wild and angry, the film presents an unique view of contemporary society where warped morality, greed and twisted masculine attitudes are commonplace and unchallenged.

This provocative feature is presented for the first time ever in the UK.

“A satirical epic about thuggery, impotence and sterilising the entire ruling classes”

DVD Special features:
- New anamorphic digital transfer with restored picture and sound
- Booklet featuring a new essay by arts journalist and film critic Carmen Gray
- New and improved English subtitle translation

For more info and/or press requests please contact Chris Barwick chris.barwick@secondrundvd.com or 07907 730 100





23 Mar 2015


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