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15 Feb 2018 - 16 Feb 2018

UNEARTHING THE MUSIC: Creative Sound and Experimentation under European Totalitarianism (1957-1989)

Talks, concerts and screenings in Lisbon, 15th - 16th February /// OUT.RA – Associação Cultural, a non-profit association based in Barreiro, Portugal, is hosting a two-day event at the Goethe Institut in Lisbon, signalling the end of its Unearthing the Music project which has been collecting materials (music, interviews, articles, photos) related to experimental music-making in the countries behind the so-called Iron Curtain between 1957 and 1989.

Speakers will include, amongst others, journalist and author Alexander Pehlemann, journalist, curator and co-founder of the Easterndaze project Lucia Udvardyova, museum curator Daniel Muzyczuk, Czech researcher and musician Pavla Jonssonova, The Wire journalist Chris Bohn and musician and Points East label editor Chris Cutler.

Scheduled to play are Robert and Ronald Lippok (of To Rococo Rot fame) as Ornament & Verbrechen, Russian new-wave pioneer Alexey Borisov and members of the Agon Orchestra with Chris Cutler and local guest musicians presenting music by The Plastic People of The Universe.

The event will also host film screenings such as '15 Corners of the World' (about legendary musician Eugeniusz Rudnik of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio) or 'Elektro Moskva' (a movie about the evolution of electronic music in the former USSR), amongs others.

The conference will also feature the Portuguese launch of My Itinerary Has Been Monotonous for Quite a While, the first ever published English anthology of poems by Ivan Martin Jirous, poet, band manager of The Plastic People of the Universe and legendary Czech underground activist. Brilliantly translated by Marek Tomin, the book was published by Divus London in partnership with the Czech Centre London.

More about this free-admission event and the overall project can be found at www.umcseet.eu


Thursday, February 15th
15h00 – Trans Osteuropa Express by Chris Bohn & Alexander Pehlemann
15h30 – Underground and Beyond by Daniel Muzyczuk
16h00 – Between Underground and Official spaces (Moderated by Lucia Udvardyova - with Robert Lippok, Ronald Lippok, Alexander Pehlemann, Chris Bohn & Daniel Muzyczuk)
17h00 – break
17h20 – Movie: Behauptung des Raums - Wege unabhängiger Ausstellungskultur in der DDR
19h00 – dinner break
20h30 – Movie: 15 Corners of the World
22h15 – Concert: Alexei Borisov
22h45 – Concert: Ornament & Verbrechen 

Friday, February 16th
15h00 –  Chris Cutler interviewed by Chris Bohn
15h30 –  Alternative Czech Music in the 1980's by Pavla Jonssonova
16h00 – Punk, counterculture, DIY & opposition
(Moderated by Tony Herrington - with Chris Cutler, Paula Guerra, Pavla Jonssonova, Alexander Pehlemann & Alexei Borisov).  
17h00 – break
17h20 – Movie: East Punk Memories
19h00 – dinner break
20h30 – Movie: Elektro Moskva
22h15 – Concert: Music by The Plastic People Of The Universe (with members from the Agon Orchestra and guests Chris Cutler, Vítor Rua, Carlos Zíngaro and Manuel Guimarães)

Part of the Czech and Slovak Century Series 


Ivan Martin Jirous and The Plastic People of the Universe




Goethe Institut Lisbon, Campo Mártires da Pátria, 37, 1169-016 Lisboa, Portugal


From: 15 Feb 2018
To: 16 Feb 2018


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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