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29 Nov 2013 - 31 Dec 2013

Useless: exhibition of Czech women artists at Divus Gallery London

The Divus gallery in London presents an exhibition designed according to the criteria of uselessness, unworkability, inadaptability, and self-destructive obstinacy. Created by women artists who have the potential of being a disaster of epic proportions for curators and exhibition organisers, the exhibition features works by Blanka Jakubcikova, Lenka Klodova, Marie Hladikova, Sarka Mikeskova and other.

Useless group artists: Darina Alster, Katerina Olivova, Blanka Jakubcikova, Karolina Kohoutkova, Sarka Mikeskova, Jana Kochankova, Klara Brichackova, Marie Stindlova, Marie Hladikova and Lenka Klodova

Blanka Jakubčíková
Profligacy has driven me to suicide
I hang inside the country house
(my soul wanders Prague by the riverbank)
well – I guess it can’t be undone
my body will no longer come to life
I was pregnant with loving then
I know – I was not a nice person
(more of a witch, to tell the truth)
I was cruel – I beat men
and cut the roses in the parks of Prague
(nobody can help me anymore)
I was gentle and submissive, too
(a sweet girl from Krumlov)
I’ll do it again in my next life
and again end this living

Making a living from killing myself

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Divus London, Enclave 5, 50 Resolution Way, London SE8 4AL; http://divus.cc


From: 29 Nov 2013
To: 31 Dec 2013


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