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25 Aug 2004 00:00 - 2 Sep 2004 00:00

Vaclav Cigler: Interior / Exterior

International masterclass with Václav Cigler, a world-renowned artist in glass who lives and works in Prague.


Vaclav Cigler has long led the field in the areas of cut and polished glass,using it for lighting and jewellery, for monumental architectural and interior design work and for installations in land art projects often involving water.


In 1965 he founded the Department of Glass in Architecture at the Visual Arts College in Bratislava, where he taught until 1979. Cigler's work, both architectural and object orientated can be found in architectural locations, museums and private collections worldwide.


The distinguished Slovakian and Czech artists, Zora Palová and Stepán Pala together with Prague architect, Jakub Cigler, will be co-teaching with Václav Cigler to help students realise ideas in kilnformed and kilncast glass and in the cold shop.


Through a dialogue between architecture, nature and humanity, involving preparatory drawing, scale models, hands-on glass work and group interaction, students in this class will work to create solutions for given interior and/or exterior architectural spaces and for an object of personal choice.


The class aims to broaden both conceptual and technical skills and their application to design. It will explore the use of glass in contemporary architecture, object design and public art in urban and rural settings.


The class will also make a collective work in glass, combined with found objects and other materials, inspired by the local landscape. Research field trips to local historically significant sites will play an integral part in this class.


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From: 25 Aug 2004 00:00
To: 2 Sep 2004 00:00



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