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20 Mar 2012 18:00 - 20:00

Staged reading from Vaclav Havel's The Garden Party

In conversation with Sam Walters, the Artistic Director of Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond, you will have a chance to look back at over three decades of staging Vaclav Havel’s plays at the Orange Tree. The discussion will explore how Vaclav Havel and many others use the magic and poetry of theatre to tell a very important story and to what extend plays written in dissent or exile influence the thinking of the society.

Admission: DN members & RADA free / non-members £3

RSVP: amanda@dramaturgy.co.uk

Hosted by Eva Daníčková and Lloyd Trott
Actors: Boii Theatre and RADA graduates

DN March Café is dedicated to the memory of Václav Havel-dissident playwright, philosopher and former president of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic.

‘Who are these so-called ‘dissidents’? Where does their point of view come from, and what importance does it have? What is the significance of the ‘independent initiatives’ in which ‘dissidents’ collaborate, and what real chances do such initiatives have of success? Is it appropriate to refer to ‘dissidents’ as opposition? If so, what exactly is such an opposition within the framework of this system? What does it do? What role does it play in society? What are its hopes and on what are they based? Is it within the power of the ‘dissidents’-as a category of sub-citizen outside the power establishment-to have any influence at all on society and the social system? Can they actually change anything?’
Václav Havel, Power of the Powerless, 1978

If there are any theatres left that base work entirely on the writer’s text, theatres that value the development of poetry in drama, theHavel’s plays will never be out of the repertoire.’                                                                      
Milan Kundera





DN Cafe is an open forum discussion organised by the Dramaturgs' Network



The Club Theatre, RADA Studios, 16 Chenies Street, London WC1E 7PA


20 Mar 2012 18:00 - 20:00


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