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6 Aug 2012 20:00

What is the weight of your desire?

How much does your desire weight? What can be measured and seen and what can only be experienced? To bare yourself, to denude, to undress, to reveal your emotions, to touch your own body, to get close to the core of yourself. Which of these is really dangerous and risky? These questions and many more are dealt with during a unique dance performance by a Czech dance group VerTeDance.

Concept, choreography, performing: Veronika Kotlíková, Tereza Ondrová, Helena Arenbergerová, Lucia Kašiarová
Movement co-operation: Peter Jaško
Dramaturgical co-operation: Lukáš Jiřička
Assistant director: Petra Tejnorová
Music: ZRNÍJan Unger, Jan Juklík, Jan Fišer, Jan Caithaml, Ondřej Slavík
Light design: Pavel Kotlík
Stage and costume design: Máša Černíková
Production: Markéta Faustová
Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, City of Prague, Nadace Život Umělce Foundation, Metrostav a.s., Studio ALTA

You can see a short part of the performance here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK8NeftF4h4

About VerTeDance
The dance group VerTeDance operates on the Czech dance scene since 2004. The members are Veronika Kotlíková and Tereza Ondrová (gained the prize The Dancer of the year 2010), dancers, choreographers, and pedagogues, and Pavel Kotlík, a light designer and technician of the Ponec theatre. They have created following projects of their own so far: Through the Bottle Neck (2002), Circle II (2004), The Silent Talk-Unpredictible Course (2005) (SAZKA Prize 2005 for „discovery in dance”), The Brave (2006), 34 Sunsets (2007), a site-specific project Tour du Café au Lait (2007), Beneath the Silence (in co-operation with the CobosMikaCompany, 2005), Dance of Canis Lupus (2009, ch. Thomas Steyaert), Jaja and Papus (2009), The Cases of Dr. Touret (2009, d.: Anna Polívková), Emigrantes (2010) and Transforma (2010, ch.: Maya Lipsker).

VerTe’s “home stage” is Ponec theatre. The company has, however, presented its productions in the Czech regional cities and towns as well as abroad: in Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Rumania, Poland and Hungary.
More at: www.vertedance.com

The dance performance is accompanied by live music by a Czech band Zrni.
More at: http://www.zrni.cz/

The Old Court, St Leonards Road, Windsor SL4 3BL

6 Aug 2012 20:00


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