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2 Feb 2007 00:00 - 29 Mar 2007 00:00

Viktor Kolar

An international exhibition of photographs taken by one of the most significant contemporary Czech photographers –Viktor Kolar.


The Victor Kolar exhibition will feature at the multi-award winning The World of Glass, perfectly complemented by a local mining exhibition, Black Gold, that will run alongside it from 23 January until 29 March 2007.  The work of Victor Kolar predominantly focuses on his hometown of Ostrava, a Czech Republic town with an industrial and mining heritage that shares many traits with St.Helens. 


Like St.Helens, Ostrava built its fortune on its mining industry and underwent a dramatic social transformation when the industry went into decline.  Depicting Ostrava at various stages throughout the social turmoil that inevitably follows when a town loses its key industry, the exhibition has been specially curated for St.Helens and features photographs ranging from 1965 – 2004.  Those visiting the exhibition will notice plenty of similarities between the photographic representation of the Czech town and St.Helens, and indeed with other towns that have a mining history.  Meanwhile, the local mining exhibition is sure to stir up memories for those who have worked in the mines, and will serve as an educational experience for younger generations.


Gary Maddock at St.Helens Council comments; “Our impressive industrial and mining heritage gives us a rightful place on the European and world industrial heritage map, making St.Helens somewhere we should all be proud of.  I am delighted that a photographer of Victor Kolar’s calibre has chosen St.Helens to showcase his work”.


Ladislav Pflimpfl at the Czech Centre adds; “Victor Kolar is firmly established as part of the rich Czech photographic tradition and one of the greatest Czech living masters.  He exhibits extensively all over the world and teaches international students at the acclaimed Film & Photography School in Prague.  His impressive exhibition is a must-see for anyone who is interested in social change or photography”.






Viktor Kolar Bibliography


Viktor Kolář was born on 7 September 1941 in Ostrava. At the age of 13 he started to take his first photographs. ‘Very quietly, my father invited me into his darkroom and showed me how photographs were processed. Then afterwards, again with very few words, he simply handed me his Leica.’  His first echibition took place when he was only 23.


Having graduated as a schoolteacher in 1964, he then worked as a teacher and librarian. Shortly after the Soviet invasion in 1968, Kolar emigrated to Canada. During this time, he worked in the mines, in a metal works, photographic laboratories and becomes a member of the editorial staff on an Italian minority newspaper. He continued to take photographs, and his reputation as a photographer grew.


Upon his return home in December 1973, he worked in the steel industry and on the sets in the Petr Bezruč Theatre. In 1984 he decided to begin his career as a freelance photographer, and in 1994 became a staff member of the Film Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where he lecturers in photography. Viktor Kolář is firmly established as part of the rich Czech photographic tradition and one of the greatest Czech living masters.



The World of Glass


The World of Glass, which opened in March 2000, tells the story of glass and of St Helens, the town glass helped to shape. This amazing story is told through interactive museum displays, special effects shows and live glass blowing demonstrations, taking the visitor through the history of glass from ancient Egyptian times, through Victorian production techniques to the modern day. www.worldofglass.com


St. Helens


St.Helens has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years to become a growing regional location of choice for businesses, residents, & visitors alike. The Borough's spirit of innovation & its prime position at the heart of the North West's motorway network, midway between the vibrant cities of Liverpool  & Manchester, continue to be major factors in its ongoing success.  


St.Helens is over 50% rural, one of only 7 UK locations where a new work of  "Big Art" will be developed in association with Channel 4, cited by the North West Development Agency as an exemplar for its approach to tourism development, & was the only area in the North West to be awarded  £13.4 million Round 1 Local Enterprise Growth Initiative funding - just  a  few  of  the  impressive  facts  that  may  challenge  people's preconceptions & make St.Helens worth a closer look.




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From: 2 Feb 2007 00:00
To: 29 Mar 2007 00:00


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