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5 Jun 2019 - 5 Jul 2019

Vojtěch Kovařík: Lovers and Fighters

PUBLIC Gallery presents Vojtěch Kovařík’s debut UK solo exhibition LOVERS AND FIGHTERS. The show unveils a new series of paintings in which figures from Greek mythology, classical literature and modern culture come together to blur the boundaries between these two archetypes.

In this new series Kovařík departs from depictions of Hulk-like muscle men locked in combat, instead inviting the viewer to engage with these figures as ‘lovers’ as well as ‘fighters’, thereby questioning traditional notions of masculinity. The phrase ‘I’m a lover not a fighter’ is also challenged, as Kovařík refutes the association of love and ‘softness’, encouraging us to consider the bravery and fearlessness involved in such romantic endeavours.

The paintings continue Kovařík’s trademark monumentality, bulging bodies seemingly strain against the edges of the composition and exert their physical presence within the space. Hanging on chains from the ceiling is a depiction of the Greek God Prometheus, known as the true-lover of mankind, stoically enduring his torment by Zeus’s eagle; opposite a haunting yet peaceful portrait of Romeo perched upon a balcony, recalling the famous scene in which Juliet unknowingly reveals her love to him.

Private View: 5th June from 6:30pm

Vojtěch Kovařík
Vojtěch Kovařík (b. 1993) studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and received his BA and MA at the Faculty of Arts of the Ostrava University, Czech Republic. Among other awards he was the winner the Critics’ Prize for Young Painting (Prague, 2019). Solo exhibitions include ‘Landscapes of Muscle’, Galerie Dukla, Ostrava (2019), ‘Heaven Hell Paradise’, Galerie města Třince, Třinec (2019), ‘Temple of Doom’, Berlínskej Model, Prague (2019) and ARMAGEDON, Galerie OFF/FORMAT, Brno (2018). 

PUBLIC Gallery
PUBLIC is a contemporary art gallery in East London specialising in solo exhibitions of carefully selected artists that combine a strong creative vision, notable technical ability and artistic integrity. The gallery is devoted to fostering meaningful interaction between a dynamic network of artists, collectors and the public.

PUBLIC Gallery
17 Amhurst Terrace
E8 2BT 

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PUBLIC Gallery, 17 Amhurst Terrace, London E8 2BT


From: 5 Jun 2019
To: 5 Jul 2019


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