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4 Nov 2018 18:05

Winter Flies

A delightfully unsentimental and joyful road movie through the Czech countryside featuring two teenage boys making a break from home in a stolen Audi.

Mára, a tough-talking teen and Heduš, eccentric and permanently positive, set off on an adventure in a stolen Audi with no aim other than the desire to experience and enjoy. Driving through a winter landscape the unlikely pair, harmlessly fantasising about sexual prowess and joining the French Foreign Legion, encounter the adverse world of adults – a man drowning his dog, a manipulative police officer, and a potential rapist. The boys´ heart-warming friendship supported by incredible performances is in the centre of this road movie, which is an utter joy to watch. Another piece of accomplished filmmaking by Olmo Omerzu whose 2015 Family Film was the festivals’ firm favourite.

Director Olmo Omerzu, CZ/ SI/PL/SK 2018, 85 min, English subtitles
Cast: Tomáš Mrvík, Jan František Uher, Eliška Křenková, Lenka Vlasáková, Martin Pechlát

£12/£11 for single screening booking, £10/£9 for 2+ screenings

Czech100: Made in Prague Festival   

Part of czech100, a festival of exciting cinema, theatre, visual arts, design and music celebrating the Czech Republic’s centenary (28 October - 9 December 2018).



Regent Street Cinema, 309 Regent St, Marylebone, London W1B 2UW


4 Nov 2018 18:05


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