Compulsory Education in CR

The following offers a brief overview of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport website information. Read the full document HERE.

Both Czech nationals (Czech citizens living abroad included) and EU nationals staying in the Czech Republic over a period of 90 days are subject to compulsory education.

In accordance with the amendment to the Education Act which came into force on the 1st of September 2017, children based outside the Czech Republic and attending a school abroad or children with an Individual Education Plan abroad are no longer obliged to enrol in a school in the Czech Republic. Parents/legal guardians can now register the children’s compulsory education abroad with the Ministry of Education. For more information see the Ministry’s website.

Parents/legal guardians are, however, obliged to provide the Ministry with a formal record of the education in the country where their children go to school. They can still enrol their children in a school in the Czech Republic if they so wish.

To help them decide whether to register children in a school in the Czech Republic, or only register the foreign school education with the Ministry, parents are recommended to consider whether or not they will be returning to the Czech Republic in the future. If enroled in a school based in the Czech Republic, the children may continue to be educated there when they return. If not, the first thing the parents/legal guardians must do upon their return is to find a school that will accept their children for further education.

To attain the basic formal education in accordance with the Education Act, children attending schools abroad and enrolled in a school in the Czech Republic are obliged to take annual exams in specific subjects.
Children not enrolled in a Czech school (i.e. a school in the Czech Republic, or a school recognized as a Foreign Education Provider – see below) are not allowed to take the exams and complete their basic education in the Czech Republic.
For a child’s foreign education to be formally acknowledged as equivalent to basic education in the Czech Republic, parents/legal guardians must apply to have it recognized (see Recognition of Foreign Education and Qualifications in the Czech Republic).

Children undergoing formal education abroad who are also registered and studying with an official Ministry of Education Foreign Education Provider are exempt from taking the annual Czech exams but evidence of the foreign education together with the certificates provided by the Foreign Education Provider (allocated each term) must be presented to the Czech school in the Czech Republic where the children will be educated upon their return in order to build up the necessary record there and ensure that the children will be able to move into the appropriate educational level. The foreign education provider in the United Kingdom is the Czech School Without Borders in London. For more information go to, or email [email protected].

Czech nationals undertaking compulsory full-time schooling abroad usually attend one of the schools in the local area. Many of them also take afternoon or Saturday Czech language classes at schools in the UK specialising in languages.