Science Café: Games vs Education - The Hidden Gift of Video Games. With Pavel Barák

17 Oct 2019 17 Oct 2019

Reveal the positive effects of playing video games? No, really! The experts believe that their much discussed negative impact is not a true picture of the industry.

Czech video games expert Pavel Barák will look more closely at the current state of education and how it is influenced by the gaming sector. Based on a few examples of Czech video games, Pavel will review how they’ve been used to support some parts of the education process and have even, in fact, improved it.

Games developed in the Czech Republic have taken the world by storm several times, most recently with the success of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. As part of this event you will also have a chance to try and to play another successful Czech video game, Beat Saber, which is currently leading the virtual reality games market. It combines elements of music, motor coordination, fitness workouts and easy to pick up game-play, creating a product popular even among people who have never played any game before. Beat Saberreceived many international awards, including a nomination for a BAFTA.  

It’s easy to say that gaming is a massive industry with a big influence on our lives. The video games market is strong and dynamically growing. Last year it generated $132 billion in revenues and it is expected to grow by 10% this year and surpass $150 billion worldwide. The steady growth of around 9% should continue in the next few years reaching a $300 billion limit by 2025. Like it or not, video games have become part of our daily lives. 

Chairman of the Czech Game Developers Association
Pavel has been active in the games industry for more than 15 years. He is a co-founder and the chairman of the Czech Game Developers Association (GDACZ), which supports and represents developers in the Czech Republic. He is also the author of the recently released study “The Czech Video Game Industry” researching local game developments and its current state.
For the past ten years, he has been the director of the oldest independent game development conference in Europe, the Game Developers Session, which is also one of the largest game conferences in the region. In 2005, he founded Handjoy, a game development studio that specialises in mobile and advertising games and has released more than 10 commercial titles to date.


Tickets: £7/£4 (students) + booking fee

Complimentary beer / wine with every ticket

The cinema is accessible through the reception of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London, 26 Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8 4QY. Please note the entrance is on Bayswater Road.

Please note that the venue is not accesible to wheelchair users!


Part of the Science Café series

Science Café is a new series of popular science presentations and talks by the best Czech scientists of today presented by the Czech Centre London. Inspired by the phenomenon of Cafe Scientifique which was first established in the UK in 1998 and spread across the world as a place where anyone could come to discuss the latest ideas in science and technology over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, Science Café is an informal forum for the discussion of current work and interesting scientific issues.



Beat Saber

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come 

Attentant 1942 

Attentant 1942  




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  • Event title: Science Café: Games vs Education - The Hidden Gift of Video Games. With Pavel Barák
  • Date: 17 Oct 2019 17 Oct 2019
  • Venue: Czech Centre London

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