Zdeněk Miler: Little Mole

21 Feb 2021 28 Feb 2021 The event takes place online

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Czech animator Zdeněk Miler (21 February 1921 - 30 November 2011), the Czech Centre London presents a programme dedicated to his most loveable character, big-eyed, red-nosed Little Mole. Always cheerful and friendly and full of adventures, Little Mole has been enchanting children and adults alike in more than 80 countries since its inception in 1957 and even made into space when US astronaut Andrew Feustel took a Little Mole toy on the board of Endeavour.

Join us and Little Mole on some of his adventures:

Little Mole and the Car (1963)
Little Mole and the Rocket (1965)
Little Mole and the Green Star (1969)
Little Mole in the ZOO (1969)
Little Mole and the Umbrella (1971)
Little Mole as a Painter (1972)


The collection of shorts will be available via the link above for free after registration, only between February 21st - 28th.

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Zdeněk Miler (21 February 1921 – 30 November 2011) was a Czech animator and illustrator best known for his Little Mole character. After graduating from Prague's Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design Miler went to work with the father of Czech animation, Jiří Trnka. Miler’s first short About the Millionaire Who Stole the Sun (1948) was based on poem by Jirí Wolker. A great admirer of Walter Disney, Miler developed the Little Mole character for his educational short How the Mole Got His Pants (1957), which won the Silver Lion award at the Venice Film Festival in Italy. More than 60 shorts featuring Little Mole soon followed. Miler has also made an animated series of seven films about a cricket, illustrated a number of books but it was Little Mole he kept returning to until his retirement in 2001. 

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  • Event title: Zdeněk Miler: Little Mole
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